Choice for edge

A *

¾" top

B *

¾" top


¾" top

D *

¾" top

* Edge not available in Wire Brushed finish

Choice for apron


Round apron 3"
Legs: 3 ½" from the edge
Pedestal: 1 ½" from the edge

9 *

Round traditional apron 3"
Distance from the edge: 1 ½"
Only available with pedestal tables

* Apron not available in Wire Brushed finish

Choice for table type


Leg table


Pedestal table


Leg table with self-storage

Choice for legs

* Leg not available in Wire Brushed finish

Choice for pedestal

Birch Pedestals

675 *





Metal Pedestals


B = raw
N = black


B = raw
N = black


B = raw
N = black


P = powder coat black


B = raw
N = black
C = chrome

Acrylic Pedestal


V = clear acrylic

* Pedestal not available in Wire Brushed finish

Choice for wood finish

Birch - Stain Finish

Our stained finish is hand wiped to accentuate the natural wood grain.

Birch - Wire Brushed Finish

This finish, which has 10% sheen, gives a unique vintage look. A gritty sand paper is used to create multiple parallel lines, all fine and shallow, to enhance the timeless beauty of solid wood. Not available on all pieces.

Birch - Century Finish

A hand wiped stain that represents the hardships of time with dispersed chain marks, wormholes, metal scoring, hand brushed stain and glazing on a knotted furniture top. The edges are worn, darkened and rasped.

Birch - Opaque Finish

Not available for chairs 5530 & 5531 and stools 85530.

Birch - Country Finish

An opaque finish that represents the characteristics of legacy with edges and corners individually sanded by hand.

Birch - Dynasty Finish

An opaque version of Century with a hand wiped touch.

Table T143

Expression Collection (top ¾")

  • 44" x 64" x 79" x 94" x 109"
  • Seats 4 to 12 people
  • Self-storage available
  • Only two leaves can be stored inside the table.

The number of seats might vary with legs or pedestal selection as well as the chairs choice.