Choice for seat type


Deluxe cushion 2 ½"
high density
(with webbing)


Cushion 2 ½"
(without webbing)


Regular cushion 2 ½"
(with webbing)


Wood seat 1 ¼"
finished 1 ⅛"

Choice for legs style





Chrome cap


Brass cap

Choice for covering

Fabrics - grade A

High Performance fabrics are perfect to extend the life of your chairs, stools and benches. A performance finish is applied to the woven fabrics to ensures protection from liquids, which is not limited to water, coffee, soda, wine, and salad dressing. It is perfect for protecting your furniture in your home. With liquid repellency and an easy to clean finish, our High Performance fabrics are designed for everyday life. This finish maintains the fabric’s breathability, soft feel and inherent Fire Retardancy characteristics.


Fabrics - grade S / Sunbrella

Due to COVID-19 some Sunbrella patterns may be on backorder. Ask your retailer to contact our customer service for more details.

Super Vinyls


Choice for wood finish

Birch - Wire Brushed Finish

This finish, which has 10% sheen, gives a unique vintage look. A gritty sand paper is used to create multiple parallel lines, all fine and shallow, to enhance the timeless beauty of solid wood. Not available on all pieces.

Chair 4530

Back width: 18 ¾"

Seat width (back): 15 ¼"

Seat width (front): 18 ¾"

Seat depth: 15 ½"

Seat height (without cushion): 17"

Total height: 39"

Only available in Wire Brushed Finish