Dinec, a wise choice!

Purchasing of a piece of furniture from Dinec is a wise choice when you are looking to acquire unique, quality Canadian wood furniture. Our attention to detail is a daily preoccupation that we take seriously. Each individual element that comes together in the conception of one single piece of furniture is inspected and held up to the highest standard of quality. Nothing will leave the factory until it is a finished product that we would be proud to bring into our own homes.

Experience the unparallel uniqueness of Birch. Each piece of wood used to create your furniture has its own distinct look and personality, with its own variation in grain and color, so it can never be duplicated as each tree is unique.


A slightly dampened cloth is all you need to clean and retain the daily beauty of your Dinec furniture. Polish it up with a soft dry cloth, No chemicals please! It is so easy and so simple.

Preventive Maintenance
Like the environment, your Dinec furniture needs to be nurtured and protected!

Sunlight is one of nature's elements that can cause damaging effects to your Dinec furniture. It is preferable not to expose your furniture to direct sunlight for long periods of time and to leave your table leaf extensions in place as to ensure the uniform aging of your finish.

Humidity levels can also play a factor on the longevity and beauty of natural wood. The lack of humidity causes wood to contract and too much will make the wood expand. A constant fluctuation in humidity can eventually cause damage to your furniture. Keeping your home at a constant humidity level, ideally around 40%, will greatly increase the life and natural beauty of your wood furniture. Avoid placing your furniture too close to heating ducts and air conditioners.

You cannot prevent accidents but you can avoid certain things: It is important to avoid putting any extremely hot or cold objects in direct contact with a wood surface and to immediately wipe away any spilt liquids. These kinds of accidents can cause an immediate discoloration to the wood finish and may cause permanent and irreparable damage. Neither the retailer nor the manufacturer can be held accountable for these kinds of accidents.