Sustainable development according to Dinec

Respect for the environment is one of our core values at Dinec. We have adopted a number of practices to ensure that we maximize the resources we use and reduce our environmental impact.

First and foremost, we make sure the wood we use to manufacture our products comes from forests that are managed properly, in a sustainable and responsible manner. We only select suppliers who are certified by the organization overseeing their industry. We use non-polluting machinery in our factories, and all our computer equipment is energy-efficient. Indeed, our primary energy source is hydropower, a very clean form of energy.

We have integrated green practices into our manufacturing process, from choosing recycled packaging materials to recovering wood chips and other pieces of wood. We also consolidate orders at our distribution centre as it allows us to reduce the number of trucks on the road. And by sending them out only when fully loaded, we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions as well.

Of course, we believe that small, everyday actions can make a big difference, such as using paper responsibly in our offices (double-sided printing, recycling) and using lunch boxes and cups made from recycled plastic instead of polystyrene foam cups and disposable bags.

But the best example of our commitment to sustainable development remains our durable hardwood furniture. In fact, your grandchildren may very well use in their first home the same high quality furniture that you are buying today.