Can we send you our own stain?

Our equipment doesn't allow us to use stain from our clients. However, all our items can be purchased unstained allowing for a large choice of colours in different types of finishes.

Can we send you our own fabrics?

Yes, customers fabrics can be used to cover any model of chair, stool or bench.

How are your chairs assembled?

Our mortise & tenon - tongue & groove construction method increases durability and stability to all our chairs. The web suspension seating featured on all our fabric and leather upholstery insures extra comfort and support for many years of dining.

Do you offer a custom made option?

Our numerous components already offer a large selection of options, sizes and shapes to choose from.

Does your company offer other types of product than the conventional dining room sets?

Dinec offers living furniture and a large selection of swivel and stationnary stools.

Where can I buy Dinec value added products?

To find the value added dealer nearest you, use our store locator.